Regarding the BRIG  brake pads, once warm up the break pads worked very well, on the first few stages as I was not confident in the road, I used the breaks a lot and the breaks still performed very well.
I would recommend these BRIG brake pads.


The IRS intercom we had no issues with this system and would recommend this system. it is as good as a Stilo or peltor intercoms systems that I have used previously.
I would recommend the IRS intercom.


Regarding the GT86, this car has to be one of the most fun rallycars.

Lots of manufactures only produce front wheel drive cars so there are very little rear wheel drive rally cars available to rally, unless you historic rally. When Toyota launched the GT86 rally car I knew I had to rally this car. It was a pleasure to rally this a GT86 on Toyota’s home rally. On the tight twisty Shinshiro stages the car handle extremely well. The power and torque was very good for an almost standard engine, the gear ratios got the most out of the engine. The steering ratios was good even on the tight stages of Shinshiro.

There should be more rally cars like the GT86. Rally is for fun and the GT86 is a fun car!

Thanks you TRD for your support.